Some Pflugerville citizens question council candidate's residency

Adeline Bui is running for Pflugerville City Council.

“There were moments I wanted to quit, not because the race was hard, I embrace the challenge, but it’s the ugliness,” said Bui.

But some citizens claim she isn't a Pflugerville resident. Bui owns a more than $700,000 home in Leander. Once she divorced, she claimed a homestead exemption there.

“That homestead I kept, because my family's still there. With all the properties that I have, I don't plan on a homestead anywhere else,” said Bui.

Bui says she then moved to Pflugerville, and has been there some years.

“She is the primary resident, she is the one holding the exemption in Leander which means she is not a Pflugerville citizen,” said Larry Paseornek, concerned citizen.

“A lot of people don't understand that law. They just assume, well homestead is where your home is, not necessarily,” said Bui.

Several citizens have commented on Facebook about the matter. Bui did admit her kids attended various school districts.

“My children are in the round rock school district. They were in Leander, they were in Pflugerville, now they're in Round Rock. They're all over the place. We work with what we have,” said Bui.

Another claim some residents have is, Bui registered to vote in Travis County shortly before her council application deadline. She says it's because her family background never involved much politics.

“It never dawned on me, voting or anything like that because it wasn't something I thought about or gave a second thought,” said Bui.

“It's very difficult to believe anyone involved in the political process should garner any votes from concerned citizens when they've never been part of the process or have never voted,” said Paseornek.

FOX 7 spoke to the city who says all they can do is believe what address Bui put on the application. Now she is hopeful that Pflugerville residents believe what she says.

“Could she potentially live in Pflugerville? For all I know, she could. But at the same time there are a lot of little things adding up to make that seem less likely,” said Paseornek.

“Did anyone bother to knock on my door, did anyone even bother to meet with me?” said Bui.

Pflugerville’s city council election is November 7.