Some Southeast Austin residents fed up over tall grass they say is a danger to drivers

People who live in a Southeast Austin neighborhood said tall grass and weeds are becoming dangerous for drivers because they can't see oncoming traffic. Crystal Guzman was born and raised in the Montopolis neighborhood “When you come to the stop sign, you can't see anything coming this way, unless you pull out a little bit further and that's when the dangerous part comes cause then you can't see what's coming this way,” she said.

Residents said they've contacted 311 multiple times and haven't heard back. So, some took matters into their own hands cutting down the grass, “My friends shouldn't have to do that but out of the kindness of their heart and safety for their families, and for all of us here in the community this is what they did,” Guzman said.

Guzman said the intersection at East Riverside and Vargas has always been dangerous and the traffic will only get worse as the neighborhood is constantly growing. “There's a lot of brand new development here, we just got a brand new school  this year, we got  brand new houses right behind, brand new subdivision.” Something she said hasn't changed over the years is accidents. She said they happen all the time, even one of her family members was hurt. “One of my aunts, as she was here at this stop sign, again the grass was really high she pulled out to try to see if there was any traffic coming, she ended up getting hit, went to the hospital,” she said.

After another accident earlier this week, residents had enough, and one man got is weed eater out and started to work. “They cut from here all the way back to where it's high a little bit so that when you’re here at this stop sign, you're able to see the cars coming this way,” Guzman said. But it's only a temporary fix to the tall standing problem. “I do not know if it’s city owned, privately owned, I would like to know that way we at least can keep up with them or have the city keep up with them,” she said.

Fox 7 did reach out to the City of Austin. They said they were working on finding out who owns the property, if it's privately owned those owners could be fined. They also said because of recent rains and grass growing quickly, they have been behind in keeping up in some areas. They also said it's very important for residents to keep calling and reporting to 311 if there are dangerous intersections.