Son surprises mom for birthday, first time she meets granddaughter

Grab the tissues! A D.C. woman received the best birthday surprise when her son unexpectedly showed up at her home— with a new family member. 

Fabiola Lala Auguste recently celebrated a birthday and received one of the best surprises, she finally met her grand baby for the first time. 

A little over a year ago, Fabiola's son Khimahni, 22, and girlfriend Quiana, 21, relocated from D.C. to Arizona and welcomed their first child. However, Fabiola has not been able to visit them due to health complications which restrict her from flying. 

"I have spent the last 6 months in heartache," Fabiola told FOX 5. 

Little did she know that would all change. Because her partner, Catina, plotted with her son to have his entire family fly into D.C. for Fabiola's birthday. 

On the evening of the big surprise, Fabiola thought she was getting ready for a party but upon walking in the kitchen Khimahni and his family were waiting for her.

Fabiola screamed with so much joy that baby Zavéa began crying-- tears of joy we suspect! 

"The best surprise of my life."