Southeast Austin neighborhood feels "trapped" following recent road closure

A recent road closure is taking a toll on a southeast Austin neighborhood. The 183 construction project has closed the main entrance and exit for them making it difficult to leave.

“It's just ridiculous,” Said Susan Lucas. The recent closure of Hergotz Lane right off 183 in southeast Austin is causing problems for Lucas who moved to Austin this year.

“I know there are a lot of frustrated people who live here so hopefully they listen and do something about this closure cause it's terrible,” said Lucas.

The road, which was closed for the 183 improvement project, is the primary way to get in and out of her neighborhood. With it closed they are left to take a detour, and they aren't the only ones taking it.

“Because this is an industrial area all day long dump trucks, 18 wheelers, trailer and trucks are driving in this area,” said Lucas. With all the traffic using the detour, Lucas said she learned just getting to 183, a road her neighborhood is right next to, can pose a problem. “When I was taking my son to school we were sitting here an hour just to get out,” said Lucas.

In early morning hours or when people are getting off work, Lucas said it's best to avoid the area.

With how difficult she said it can be to navigate the area, she worries what would happen if first responders need to get to them. “God forbid an emergency vehicle has to come in here but then once they are here they are trapped behind 70 to 80 dump trucks at a time,” said Lucas. She hopes those overseeing the project will do something to help ease this new traffic burden.

The project is expected to be completed next year.

FOX 7 reached out to the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority who is overseeing the project. They acknowledged this closure would cause some issues.  

Some things they will be doing in the near future to help those in the area is opening another lane on the highway as well as adjusting the timing of traffic signal lights.



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