Special pink tributes around Houston area for Astroworld Festival victim

A new hashtag is sending love and support to a Houston family that desperately needs it right now as Houstonians remember and honor one of the victims of the Astroworld tragedy

The Bayou City has absolutely tried to send the warmest of wishes to all of the families that lost loved ones there at the Astroworld Festival.

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The latest show of support is called "Pink Bows for Madison."

"I just wish I could give the whole family a giant hug and this bow kind of represents that a little bit," says Stefanie Sharpe the Manager at Sportee Ink.

With the creation of the Pink Bows for Madison social media page, Houstonians have begun hanging pretty pink decorations at their homes and businesses, posting the pics on the page, and using the Pink Bows For Madison hashtag in honor of 23-year-old former Cy-Fair cheerleader Madison Dubiski. She is among those who died at last week’s Travis Scott concert.

"We’ve been longtime friends with the Dubiski family. Here at Sportee Ink we print t-shirts and Madison and her mom would come in and get cheer squad shirts," Sharpe explains. 

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A towering tribute outside Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land may not be a bow but it’s certainly spreading love to the family with a sign that’s lit up in Madison’s favorite color: pink, which is now plastered across the city.

"Madison loves her glitter. All the shirt designs had to have a lot of glitter in it, such a sweet girl so we just wanted to show our support," says Sharpe. 


"It touched our hearts so much whenever we heard about it because we have children ourselves. I can’t imagine what these families are going through. So I told my husband we need to recognize them," says Tiffany Sebastian Owner of Classic Chevrolet Sugar Land Owner.


The dealership also put up a tribute for all 10 youngsters who died at the Astroworld Festival.

"Our hearts were broken after we heard the news and we wanted to honor everyone that was affected by this tragedy," Sebastian says.

Click here to visit the Pink Bows for Madison page, where you can pay your own tribute.