Squirrel comes down through chimney in South Austin home

A squirrel fell down a South Austin resident's chimney and ran around the house before eventually exiting out the back door. 

Chris Walker says he was home with his Chihuahua, Boo, when he heard a loud bang from inside his fireplace. He said he knew immediately that it was most likely a squirrel that had fallen in from the top.

The squirrel was making noise and trying to climb back out and Walker opened the flue to help the squirrel get out. The squirrel remained in the chimney and make noises.

Walker says he then got a golf ball retriever he had and started making noise in the fireplace so the squirrel would jump out, which it eventually did.

The squirrel ran around the living room, hid under some furniture, and climbed molding on the wall as Boo chased it around the house.

Eventually, the squirrel was able to get out the back door, which Walker had opened, after Boo had chased it out.

Walker says the squirrel was covered in chimney creosote and soot. He says this is the second time a squirrel has entered his home. 

Apparently, in 2016, a squirrel spent two days sleeping in his home in a Fender guitar hanging on the wall.