State-of-the-art Dell Seton Medical Center to replace UMC Brackenridge later this month

The state of-the-art Dell Seton Medical Center at the University of Texas will open up later this month and we'll say "goodbye" to the familiar UMC Brackenridge.
Yesterday a Star Flight helicopter left the Brackenridge helipad with a mock trauma patient onboard.

After landing on the new dual helipad at Dell Seton, medical staff put the patient in the hospital's dedicated trauma elevator on the 7th floor and took him down to the ER. 
Then Dell Seton officials took Fox 7 on a tour of the new hospital.
517,000 square feet, 42 trauma beds and 211 "smart" patient rooms: a sensor above the door will scan the hospital staffer's badge and their information will be displayed on the TV for the patient to see.
There are also cameras in the OR's so medical students can watch live streams of operations.

"At 7:01 on May 21st we will start moving the first patients.  We will move a patient every 6 to 8 minutes through 2 different teams," said Chief Operations Officers Debra Hernandez.

It's not something we like to think about but in the event of a mass casualty situation in Austin, Dell Seton says they've planned for it.
The ambulance bay is equipped with what they need.
Hernandez says if decontamination is needed, they have outdoor showers and tents available.