Steady Rain closes roads, triggers outages

Steady rain that fell Monday cause road closures and power outages across the Austin metro.

A little more than 70 low-water crossing were closed Monday. Most were in locations that typically flood over during moderate to heavy rain events.

Spicewood Springs Rd was closed from Loop 360 to north of Yaupon Dr. A few months ago a man died after his vehicle was swept away during a major rain event. Drew McIntyre, who works at an auto glass repair shop,  not far from where the fatal incident happen,  said he once had a close call on that roadway. He believes it's long over due for an upgrade.

"I think the bridges being redone would be a great thing, definitely."

A kayaker from Cedar Park, Jason Mann,  took advantage of all the rain and the break in the August heat to take a ride down Bull Creek.

"I wouldn't run this thing over 2000 cfs, its about 600 right now an acceptable level, that's the thing you've got to know what you are doing and have some experience, and that's how people get killed if they just jump into something and get way over their head.  

Austin police spent time in Bull Creek Park keeping  teenagers out of the water. APD also responded to 69 wrecks Monday between 5 AM and 3 PM.