Stony Point football player paralyzed after hard hit on the field

A Round Rock football player is paralyzed after an accident earlier this week. Sixteen-year-old Jasiel Favors went down after an intense hit during a junior varsity football game Wednesday.

Favors' family says he's in good spirits despite not being able to feel anything past his waist.

In the game of football, injuries come a dime a dozen, but no one ever can be prepared for an injury that can be so serious. It happened to 16-year old Jasiel Favors of Stony Point High School.

“I was at work and they said my little brother got hurt at a football game so I was like oh he must have just hurt his ankle like a previous accident. Then I called her back and she told me how he couldn't really feel anything,” said Andrew Felder, brother of Favors.

Favors stayed on the field until help arrived. He was taken to Seton Medical Center Williamson where doctors operated immediately.

“They say after the swelling goes away the process starts to speed up with healing and all that,” said Felder.

Felder says his brother can feel above his chest and in a few spots on his feet, but he cannot move his legs.

“My sister pinched his arm and he tried to say ouch, he was like looking at her like what are you doing?” said Felder.

That spirit is what Felder says is keeping hope for recovery alive for his brother and the family.

“He was still cracking jokes when he was laying down he said 'you all can retire my number, I'm done,'" said Felder.

Even in the midst of adversity, Jasiel keeps a positive attitude that resonates in the hearts of his family and friends.

“It's Jay and we know jay is a positive spirit, he's a happy spirit,” said Felder.

Jasiel is a sophomore on the football team at Stony Point High School.