Storms trigger some flooding in the Hill Country

Heavy downpours started rolling through the Hill Country early Wednesday morning.

As water pooled up on the roadways, wrecks also started to pile up. One crash happened on 1431 west of Cedar Park where the road was blocked for about two hours, forcing detours between Trails End and Nameless Road

“People just haven’t been driving in the rain in a while,” said Capt. Melissa Meeks with the Burnet Volunteer Fire Department.


 Sirens from emergency vehicles were familiar sounds as first responders were called out to collisions on Hwy 281. “Slow down on these highways we’ve already had a few pretty bad wrecks today so definitely slow down,” said Capt. Meeks.

The rain forced the closure of almost a dozen low-water crossings during the morning hours between Round Rock and Horseshoe Bay. Most were small secondary roadways. By Wednesday afternoon the number of low water crossings had increased in the Austin Metro area to almost 30, according to ATX Floods.


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In Burnet, there was some street-level flooding in a few neighborhoods. Rescue teams were put on alert in case water rescues had to be done. None were reported in the Burnet area, but several vehicles were spotted rolling through flooded roadways. Some water levels were low enough to tempt a risky crossing, although there were a few spots where the only choice was to turn around.

As the rain picked up Wednesday afternoon, residents continued to keep a close watch. Shirley Moerve who lives along Lake Buchanan was concerned, but she also thankful for the rain.


“The rain was so much needed, we don’t want things to wash away, but it looks good and it’s been dry and like some going down so this is going to help us this is gonna be a good thing for us,” said Moerve.

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