Stray pit bull hit by car, protected by fellow stray

Porsche, a five-year-old pit bull was living on the streets when she was hit by a car. She suffered a broken back and was temporarily paralyzed in her hind legs. But Porsche had someone looking out for her that day: her friend Majestic, a fellow stray pit bull who stood guard over her until someone someone finally came to help.

After extensive treatment, a team of vets was able to stabilize Porsche and save her life. Then, she had another stroke of luck: an angel donor stepped up to provide her with a wheelchair that will help her get around while she’s on the road to recovery.

“Miraculously an angel donor stepped up and provided a wheelchair for her,” Steve Burdo of Contra Costa Animal Services told KTVU. “The device was fixed to her hind leg so she could move her front legs.”

The vets now say that thanks to the donor--and Majestic--Porsche is expected to live a full and healthy life.