Student scores 100 percent on math section of STAAR test

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A Houston high school freshman student has managed to accomplish something few others have — he earned a perfect score on the math portion of the annual STAAR examination. The achievement is a perfect way to launch Positively Houston, a segment that will feature and highlight people in the Houston-area who are exceptional, encouraging and inspiring.

In this inaugural edition of Positively Houston, we meet one amazing student.  

“We are here today to recognize, salute and commend a very outstanding student,” says Texas State Representative Shawn Thierry with a smile.

Most high school students celebrate simply passing the STAAR test, but one 15-year-old Worthing High School student has scored 100 percent on one of the sections. He didn't get any answers wrong on the math portion of the STAAR, truly living up to his name, making his an amazing "success" story.

A success isn't only what this young man is, it's his name. Meet 15-year-old Success Diginee, who answered every math question correctly on the STAAR test.

“It's amazing," says Rep. Thierry. "A perfect score is extremely hard to do.”  

Hard? Apparently not for this genius. 

”All of the questions were easy," says Diginee with a laugh. 

The super smart Worthing High School student's amazing accomplishment is not going unnoticed. 

”I am super duper beaming proud," says Rep. Thierry with a smile. "I've told everyone we are shining in Sunnyside today.”

Thierry is honoring Success, his mother and all of his brilliance. 

“You're a true rock star," adds Rep. Thierry. "This flag, I had flown in your honor over our state capitol.”

When school starts back, Success will be a sophomore. 

“Worthing High School is underfunded and is actually on the Improvement Required status list from the TEA,” describes Thierry. 

An administrator and two teachers each promised $100 to any student with a perfect score on the math STAAR. 

”That really motivated me because I wanted to spend some money,” adds Success with a smile. He's now $300 richer, but his work ethic has always been priceless. In fact, the immensely intelligent teen has already been at the head of his algebra class, teaching fellow students.

”If I teach him a method, he may find an alternative method and he would like to share it with the classroom,” says Worthing High School algebra teacher Bryan Tigner.

A future teacher perhaps? 

”I want to be a neurosurgeon,” says Success with no hesitation.

Success Diginee, you are an exceptional example of what it means to be Positively Houston.

“His mom named him a great name and he is the true embodiment of his namesake,” says Rep. Thierry.                     

Along with another Worthing student, Success actually developed an app to help better secure schools against shootings and other violence. He was planning to buy a gaming console with the $300, but he spent some of the money taking his mother to a nice restaurant so he no longer has enough money to pay for the PS4. 

In a few years, Success will likely be able to buy whatever his heart desires. 

“He has a bright future ahead of him,” says Worthing High School computer programming teacher Nina Jolivet.