Student Stripped of Nat'l Honor Society Position Over A Dress

A student in Florida is stripped of her National Honor Society title for wearing a dress that the school says was "too distracting."

Cameron Boland's victory was short lived. The junior was voted as Historian of the National Honor Society.

But her award was rescinded after she showed up to give her acceptance speech wearing a spaghetti strap dress, which goes against Ida Baker High School's dress code.

Boland says, "I was aware of the dress code at Ida Baker, but not going there, I didn't think it applied to me. I am not one of their students. Also, being an extracurricular activity an event, I didn't feel a need to comply to any of their school dress codes."

Boland put on a jacket and asked if she could apologize and redo her speech, but the school told her no.

"We want a re-election," says Boland. "Or given our spots back."