Students attend private screening of Black Panther

"It should be a letter a added to stem and make steam because we've really been promoting the arts. That includes science and technology and math."

Winston G Williams is the Executive Director for the Capital City Black Film Festival. "I think the kids are really being able to see the technology in the film. We've already seen what it takes to make the film, but it's nice to see things from the artistic realm."

"These are 3D characters and to see that as a child, I think this is amazing," says Nicole Taylor. Tonight makes the third time Nicole Taylor has seen the movie. 

Campus Director of Texas Prep Daphne McDole is already excited for Monday. Children from Texas Prep School and the Villager's youth brigade student reporters, file in to attend their private screening of Black Panther.
This screening was made possible by participating in the #BlackPantherChallenge through GoFundMe.
The fundraiser has raised nearly $4500 from more than 160 individual donations. 

"I want this movie to make history one day," said 11-year-old Cris Pernadez. 

Viewers chowed down on Ethiopian cuisine, fully decked out in African attire. 

There were sixteen showings Saturday. The Alamo Drafthouse says nearly all the theaters were full.

A community effort to inspire black youth to experience Black Panther.