Students raise mental health awareness after UT stabbing

A solemn mood resonates on the U.T. campus after Monday's deadly stabbing. A memorial sits outside the Gregory Gym, near where student Harrison Brown passed away.

“The climate of campus has definitely changed. It's a lot more somber, I would even say cautious,” said Jordan Cope, student.

In an attempt to make sure Harrison's death was not in vain, this group of students calling attention to what police say the suspect 21-year-old Kendrex White suffered from, mental health problems.

“It has raised attention to a very serious cause unfortunately,” said Cope.

The students run the "Humans of the Forty Acres" page. They tell the stories of every day students on campus. In April they put this video out.

“Every year we run a campaign to destigmatize mental health to encourage students to realize the access to resources that are available on campus.,” said Cope.

“The idea was to draw attention. It was meant to be something of a prank, but really it was getting people to know about the Counseling and Mental Health Center,” said Paul Iskra.

Little did they know just days later, their message would be more important than ever. They hope everyone can learn from the stabbing tragedy.....and know the campus' counseling and mental health center is there for them.

“Mental health, it's a real thing and it's something people need to talk about,” said Iskra.

You can donate online to the UT Counseling and Mental Health Center here.