Sunset Valley police arrest homeless woman for disorderly conduct

A homeless woman has been arrested for disorderly conduct after she reportedly got on a bus and started fighting with the bus driver.

“She was barefoot, screaming that she's a meth addict.”

Claudia Cuchia says Wednesday morning she was on the way to Sam’s Club when she noticed a woman swaying back and forth in the street in front of a bus stop.

“I felt sorry for her because she was standing in the cold with no shoes and her blanket was covered in feces,” she added.

Cuchia says she noticed the woman was covered in plastic tarp and appeared to teeter forward like she was going to fall or throw herself into traffic. So Cuchia pulled over to help her and called 911.

“She flung off her blanket and crutches and started crawling onto the bus. I said, oh never mind 911, it looks like she's trying to catch the bus maybe she's not erratic but she got on the bus and started fighting with the bus driver and tried to hit her with her crutches and threw her crutches down,” she said.

Cuchia says she ran over to where the woman, 39-year-old Cicily Hawkins, was and said, "get away from the bus driver". According to the Sunset Valley Police Department, the bus driver asked Hawkins to get off the bus. Hawkins refused.

“She had a beer she threw it at me. I was going to hurt her if she didn't leave her alone so she turned around to come after me and I was safe that's when I saw she only had one and a half leg,” Cuchia said.

Once Sunset Valley police arrived, Hawkins reportedly told them "APD brought me here to take the bus. You need to call it in." 

“She was erratic and aggressive. You never know if they have a weapon or anything," Cuchia said.

Before Hawkins was transported to the Travis County Jail, she started banging her head against the windows. When they got to the jail TCSO helped police get Hawkins out of the vehicle and she was placed in a restraint chair and placed into an isolation room.

"Camping anywhere you want on the streets is not a good thing,” Cuchia said.

Hawkins was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing. According to the Sunset Valley police report, APD was able to assist in identifying Hawkins and advised that they had dealt with her on a call earlier in the morning at the Sands Motel.