Supporters fill courtroom during Greg Kelley hearing

Convicted child sex offender Greg Kelley was back in the courtroom Wednesday, hoping to prove his innocence during a writ hearing. While allegations of missed opportunities were taking place inside the Williamson County 26th District courtroom, outside in the hallway Kelley's family, friends and supporters were leaning on one another to get through the day.

So many people were at the courthouse to show their support for Kelley and his family that bailiffs had to change the rules to keep order. No one was allowed to bring belongings inside, but that didn't stop Kelley’s supporters from filling every last seat in the courtroom.

It's was a day Kelley spent months preparing for. “It's going to come forward. Big stuff is about to happen,” Kelley said over the phone before the hearing began. 

Kelley's mother, Rosa, drew on her son's strength as she listened to the testimony of Cedar Park Police Detective Sgt. Christopher Dailey. “When you see me holding my head it's because I know they are lying. I know the investigation wasn't conducted right, but I never expected all this,” said Rosa. 

Rosa was visibly in disbelief as the hearing wore on, but others who filled the courtroom had another reaction; anger. “We had to listen to 45 minutes of testimony of the most hubris individual I've ever seen in my life sit there and try to make dumb look smart and, because of it, we have a young man who's been sitting in prison for three years for something he didn't do,” said Jake Brydon, one of Kelley’s supporters. 

Interestingly enough, Williamson County District Attorney Shawn Dick didn't object to any speculative questioning. “Normally our office is here to try and defend the conviction and, in this case, we're keeping an open mind as to the conviction itself and we just want to make sure we get to the truth,” Dick said. 

“I couldn't tell who our lawyer was today because the prosecution and the defense were both appalled by the lack of investigation Cedar Park did,” said Brydon. 

Kelley's supporters hope that's indicative of the outcome of this hearing because, after being incarcerated for more than 1,000 days, the former high school football star's family hopes tomorrow is the day he walks out of court a free man.

“We will take my son back home. He deserves to be free and I am so proud to say I am the mother of Gregory Kelley,” Rosa said. 

Testimony is expected to go through Friday when it will be up to the judge whether to release Kelley on bond.

The court of criminal appeals must find him innocent in order to exonerate him.