Surveillance cameras show Shoal Creek Saloon flooding on Memorial Day

Flooding is fresh on the minds of many after what happened over the Memorial Day weekend. Video from inside Shoal Creek Saloon shows the power of flood water.

Within seconds water rushes into the restaurant tossing tables and chairs around and even knocks down a wall.

"When that wall blew out it let all the flood waters in and in a hurry which is what makes that video so amazing to watch," said Ray Canfield who owns Shoal Creek Saloon.

Shoal Creek reached 21 feet that day covering Lamar Boulevard.

Thanks to friends and his employees Canfield was able to open back up five days after the flood.

"They're amazing at how quickly we got back in and it's really great to see that and the support is amazing. What happened is unfortunate but we're glad to be back," said Canfield.

While Canfield managed to get hot Cajun food back on the table quickly some of his neighbors are still recovering as a tropical system churns towards the Texas coast. Heavy rain could blanket the Austin area which is already under a flash flood watch.

"What I think it emphasized is that flash flooding is our number one hazard and these rain bombs can occur at any time and if there's a flash flood warning it could be a worst case scenario," said Jacob Dirr with the City of Austin Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

"When the ground doesn't have time to soak up the moisture the run off is going to pool into creeks or maybe even into the streets," said Dirr.

The city's Emergency Operations Center can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Dirr says agencies are on stand-by and ready to respond to another flooding event.

"For us and our public safety partners we are talking with the National Weather Service and getting the most up to date forecasts and talking about what resources we have locally that we may need to deploy," said Dirr.

With rain in the forecast Canfield hopes Austin has seen the worst of Mother Nature for a while.

"Well we know it's coming and we're not too worried. There are several things that have to happen to create a flood like we had and hopefully we won't get all of those in the mix this time," added Canfield.

The city stresses the importance of staying weather aware and informed during significant events. You can get the latest weather alerts straight to your phone by downloading the FOX 7 News App.