Suspect on the run following armored truck robbery at The Domain

Austin police need your help finding a robbery suspect. This person is accused of hitting up an armored truck at The Domain.

This robbery took place on the south side of The Domain. 

Those who live there said it was easy to notice something was off as something like this is not the norm. "There was a bunch of chaos going down as we were coming down for lunch. A truck had blocked our way getting down with its doors open which seemed real weird and a security guard was moving in a weird manor," said Chris Elmore who lives at The Domain.

An armored truck was robbed right by where Elmore lives. "It comes around fairly normally. It makes it rounds around here but it's never stopped in front of any of the stores for that long amount of time and it never blocks paths of cars coming by for a long amount of time," said Elmore.

Police spent Thursday investigating the truck, the area, setting up crime scene tape, and even took to the skies as the suspect or suspects were still at large.

"I just hope everything is ok. I don't want anybody to be worried about their safety around here because this is obviously an isolated incident, you know what I mean, it's not like the norm around here."

Right now it's not known what was taken or if anyone was injured. “I mean it could happen anywhere, it could happen to anybody. You don't really expect to see anybody do anything like that in the area such as this but at the same time I guess it could happen to anyone,” said Elmore.

For now, Elmore hopes this incident doesn't keep people from enjoying the place where he lives.