Suspected drunk driver crashes into deputy ahead of 'no refusal' initiative

A close call in Williamson County.

"Had that deputy not been there, odds are that citizen would have been hit by the car," said Commander Gary Haston with the Williamson County Sheriff's Office.

An alleged drunk driver crashed into a sheriff deputy's patrol unit Friday morning while he was assisting someone stranded just off of I-35. No one was injured. "A citizen had broken down, had a flat tire on the highway, and he observed that person needing help, so he stopped behind him with all of his emergency lights on," said Commander Haston.

The crash happened just ahead the sheriff's office's no refusal initiative for the holiday weekend. Commander Haston said Friday's crash is an example why they take these initiatives seriously as the crash could have been much worse. "We will be double staffed, we're paying overtime, and we have deputies looking specifically for DWIs no refusal situations," said Commander Haston.
Deputies are going to be out in full force all weekend and into Labor Day in the county.

"We're going to place patrol unites at both lake Georgetown and at lake Granger all day long," said Commander Haston. Even though it's no refusal, Commander Haston said anytime you go out there is no excuse to get behind the wheel drunk.

"Take a taxi cab, there are ride share services, they can take call a friend, there are many ways they can get home safe," said Commander Haston. Overall, Commander Haston wants everyone to have fun this holiday weekend just don't drink and drive.