SWAT situation ends with empty home

Friday morning Austin police surrounded a home along Villita Avenida in Southeast Austin urging a man, who was believed to be armed, to come out with his hands up.

The SWAT team was called in to assist.

Officers say they were lead to the home after a woman called 911 from a different location for help.

"A female and a male had a domestic disturbance Female called for police said the male possibly had a weapon and she was safe at the time, by the time police got there,” said Officer Demitri Hobbs.

The woman was taken to the hospital. Police arrived to the man's house just in time to see him running inside. "I was trying to leave and they said no stay inside this is dangerous,” said neighbor Fatima Perez.

Neighbor Fatima Perez says there were some scary moments for she and her son when the SWAT team used distractionary devices called flash bangs.

"It was horrible I never heard that before and then, he was scared,” said Perez.

"We're just trying to get him to come out peacefully so he can give his side of the story,” said Hobbs.

Just before noon, officers entered the home. They found a gun, but no suspect.

"They saw him go in the front, the problem is you've got to get to the back before he does and that's probably how he got out. Just as fast as he went in the front. He went out the back,” said Hobbs.

Officer Demitri Hobbs says the man cannot outrun charges.

They will continue to pursue him until he is taken into custody.