SXSW crash survivor shares her road to recovery

A victim of the tragic South by Southwest crash last year is sharing her road to recovery.

She was among more than 20 others injured and four who lost their lives.

It was on Red River Street, in front of The Mohawk, where the horrific crash happened.

Now more than a year later, a moment of silence will be held at the exact same spot, to honor those who were lost and those still recovering.

It's a reunion between Mason Endres and the medical staff she says helped save her life.

This past year hasn't been an easy one but she's getting better by the week.

"I guess the only struggle I have now is putting a knee brace on in the morning, and if that's all I have, then there's nothing to complain about," says Mason Endres, SXSW crash survivor.

It was on March 13, 2014 when police say 21-year-old Rashsad Owens drove through multiple barriers and into a crowd of South by Southwest gatherers on Red River.

An Austin Police officer working a drunk-driving checkpoint had attempted to pull Owens over but he fled.

As a result, four people were killed and more than 20 others were injured.

It's a moment the parents of Endres say they'll never forget.

"It's been an amazing journey that has a happy end. There are families that cannot say that, we pray for them," says May Endres, Mason's mother.

On Tuesday a visit was paid to St. David's Medical Center, where Endres was treated for three weeks.

The crash left her with several broken bones, a severed artery and almost every ligament in her knees were torn.

Endres says she wouldn't be where she is today without the staff.

"It was a really rough time and they pushed me to do things that, at the time, I thought I wouldn't be able to do, that I couldn't do. They showed me that I could do it. So I'm forever appreciative of everything they did for me," says Endres.

"Seeing her and her family just brought a smile to my face because when she left here she was still in a wheelchair, she was still in knee immobilizers," says Dr. Robert Lee, St. David's Rehab Hospital.

It's been a journey for Endres but she's stayed positive with the support of family and friends.

Even the band she was supposed to see the night of the crash, Jared and the Mill, played at her hospital bed.

Just two days after she was released, we saw her graduate from Liberty High School.

It's something she didn't want to miss.

Now she's a freshman at the University of Texas, pursuing a degree in public relations.

Throughout it all, her passion for music hasn't faded.

She's attending South by Southwest all this week.

"Seeing where I am now compared to that moment, I've never been in a better place in my life. i got to spend so much time focusing on myself and healing myself; mentally, physically, everything," says Endres.

The moment of silence will be held at midnight on Wednesday at The Mohawk and Cheer Up Charlies.

Keep in mind, if you'll be out drinking make sure to have a safe ride home.

The Austin Police Department will also be enforcing a no-refusal initiative from 9:00 p.m. Thursday through 5:00 a.m. Sunday.