Syrian man in Austin reacts to President's order for troops to strike his home country

A Syrian man in Austin says he’s all for the White House promoting a plan of action in response to a chemical attack in Syria but he says when the President made his announcement on Friday he felt like nothing was going to change. 

Adnan Suleiman says he moved here from Syria 18 years ago, his family moved 5 years ago. 
He says he isn't against what the President ordered but he thinks the timing is off. And if the White House wants to help, they could have done so years previously. 

“The question is this going to stop him from making another attack that’s the question and I don’t believe it will. Then what have we done? What have we accomplished?” 

Suleiman describes Bashar Al Assad as a war criminal with a ruthless regime. He’d like to see the international community do something to stop the atrocities hes committing.