Back-to-school undercover operation: TABC finds 131 businesses sold alcohol to minors

During an undercover operation conducted by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, 14% of more than 1,100 retailers visited sold alcohol to a minor. 

The back-to-school operation in August and September focused on areas like Austin that are flooded with minors attending college. 

For the first time in years, Austin had a 100% compliance rate out of 22 businesses surveyed. Statewide, Texas businesses had an 86% compliance rate. There were 131 violations out of 1,131 businesses checked.

"I would say for about the past dozen years or so we’ve put the onus on holding the business accountable as opposed to the minors that purchase the alcohol," said Chris Porter, spokesperson for TABC. "A single instance of a violation does open the public up to alcohol-related tragedies, and we want to get that number down as best as we can."

Businesses that sell alcohol to a minor can face a fine and the temporary or permanent suspension of a liquor license. 

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