'Ruthless:' Tacoma man shocked over 60% rent hike

Rent increases are nothing new, but one Tacoma man says he was shocked over the one he is facing, calling it "ruthless."

Terrance Parsons has lived at Manitou Park Apartments in South Tacoma for the past five years. He says his rent is around $825 a month, including utilities. 

"They want to raise it to $1,375," Parsons said.

A 60-day notice of the rent increase signed by LandlordSolutions on behalf of the owner says $75 of the $1,375 is for utilities. They also tell tenants that they could get up to a $100 discount off the monthly rent if they sign a new 12-month lease.

"I understand property goes up, but for two years, that’s an extensive amount," Parsons said.

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Q13 News spoke with LandlordSolutions and requested more of an explanation of why the owner felt the need to increase the rent by 60% at one time. We have not received more of an explanation as of yet.

The notice, however, told Parsons that he had not received a rent increase in the last 12 to 24 months.

It also listed reasons like rising housing costs and expense increases for the rent hike.

"I’ve had no renovations. Look at the paint at that place," Parsons said.

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Overall, Parsons says $1,375 is still too much for a 1-bedroom apartment that is old and small in South Tacoma.

"I would accept a $200 raise that made more sense in the market to me, but that’s still a lot, but I understand that," Parsons said.

He says people move to Tacoma because it’s more affordable, but Parsons says that is no longer the case for him.

"Now I have to save money to move, my life security just jumped in the toilet no idea what’s going to happen now," Parsons said.

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