Buda police warns residents about 'tailgating'

The Buda Police Department is reminding people to "make vigilance a 24/7 habit, even in a known environment" following a report of "tailgating."

In a Facebook post, police shared a doorbell camera video of an unknown person they say followed a resident to their doorway and attempted to enter for unknown reasons, also known as "tailgating."

Police say the resident had locked the door behind them and denied the person access.

Buda police said they did not share the location because it was submitted by someone who asked to be anonymous.

In an update posted Friday night, Buda police say they discovered that a construction crew had been working in an apartment above the one where the video was taken. The person in the video was identified as a member of the construction crew from a different site called in to help. When he arrived at the complex, he attempted to open the door of the apartment below the work site, found it was locked and realized he had the wrong apartment

Buda police say they were ultimately able to identify the person in the video and "determine he was not a threat to public safety."

Buda residents shared their reactions.

"I think it's creepy, it does hit home, it makes me feel uncomfortable, because I'm home all day and obviously that was during the day," Tracey, who didn't want to share her last name, said. "Obviously, I'll lock my doors during the day, because I have a bad habit, I don't, so I'll definitely make sure I attend to that."

"I definitely keep my door locked, I'm glad that I have two big dogs and a bunch of cameras around my house, definitely will make sure to keep the doors locked, got little ones around," Blaine Rodgers said.

Officials are reminding people to stay aware, even at home.

Buda police say they don't keep statistics on "tailgating" cases, but it is the first of its kind reported in the city this year. 

Residents can call Hays County Dispatch at 512-393-7896 to report suspicious persons or activity.