TAMU-SA to honor life of 19-year-old student killed in Kyle

It's been five months since a 19-year-old college student was murdered while protecting his sister in Kyle. A 15-year-old boy remains in custody for the death of Christopher Trevino.

Texas A&M-San Antonio is now planning to honor Trevino's life.

"I just miss his presence, his smile, him telling me he loves me every day," said Christopher's mother, Ivory Trevino.

Just a few days before Christmas last year, Christopher's teen sister met up with a schoolmate to sell an item. Instead of handing over money, the 15-year-old suspect pulled out a gun.

Christopher was just getting home and went over to break things up. That's when police say the 15-year-old shot and killed him.

"You don't ever really get over this type of loss. Our family has changed drastically, our home went from being this, you know, robust atmosphere with laughter. Now, we're just walking around like zombies," said Trevino.


Trevino says Christopher was the family's rock and always promised to look after them. "He always told me, ‘mom, I got you, I got you, you don't have to worry about anything when I get out of school’."

Christopher was a student at Texas A&M-San Antonio majoring in business with a minor in marketing. "He was very bright. He had a bright future. It was just cut short. He was robbed of his future," said Trevino.

Trevino says Christopher had big plans after school, but after he passed, TAMU-SA was the last thing on her mind so she did not expect to receive a formal invitation from the university to their memorial ceremony for Christopher and all other Jaguars who've died.

"It's bittersweet. I really wish we were attending a graduation instead, but this is a nice, you know, a nice thing to do for the families to remember their lost loved ones," said Trevino.


Even though this family is still waiting for justice, Trevino says it's important they go to this event to honor her son and what he was able to achieve in his short life. "I feel like he's still protecting me. He's still watching over us daily," she said.

FOX 7 Austin reached out to the Kyle Police Department for an official update, but have yet to receive one.