Tanner Hoang search: Police ask for help looking for missing Texas A&M student

Detectives are asking for help finding a Texas A&M student who disappeared days ago.

College Station police said Texas A&M Civil Engineering student Tanner Hoang was last seen Friday morning.

"So my family and I, four brothers, we all went to A&M, graduated from there, and he obviously his dad went there, graduated from there. So Tanner had always loved Texas A&M, went to football games, so always wanted to go to Texas A&M and when you got there, made some great friends involved in intramurals, you know, So he loved the place. He loved the people," Tanner Hoang’s Uncle Quan Hoang said.

His family said Tanner was supposed to meet them for lunch ahead of graduation, but he didn’t show up.

"I think I was thinking this is not characteristic of Tanner. When we have family gatherings from Tanner, he's there. He's never been this way. So it was. I was a little bit shocked about it, but nevertheless," Hoang said.

Tanner’s family said they found out after he wasn’t going to walk across the stage. Texas A&M University said his name was not included at the commencement ceremony.

"His family had come into town for what was supposed to be a happy, a joyous occasion. And certainly, circumstances have changed to now where it's kind of a family's worst nightmare, a missing loved one," Amber Alert Network Brazos Valley Chuck Fleeger said.

Tanner’s family has been searching for him since.

"For me, however long it takes to bring Tanner back. That's my commitment," Hoang said.

College Station police said Texas A&M Civil Engineering student Tanner Hoang was last seen Friday morning.

College Station PD said they’re looking for a 2009 Silver Lexus 4-Door Sedan with a Texas License Plate # BS2C737.

Tanner’s family shared a video with FOX 7 reporting his vehicle continuing Westbound on HWY 21 after getting gas at a Shell in Caldwell, near College Station.

"Given the fact that he was in a vehicle with a full tank of gas, and it has been since Friday. Realistically, he could be he could be anywhere," Fleeger said.

The family said they just want him home.

"We can assume that we understand why a person is missing and what they're thinking. But until you find them, and you verify the circumstances, it's really important that people remain vigilant, that we continue to watch out, that we do everything," Fleeger said.

If you have any information, call the College Station Police Department at 979-764-3600.