Tanya Brown gives coronavirus pandemic survival tips

Tanya Brown, a life coach, author and sister of murder victim Nicole Brown Simpson, is recovering from COVID-19 and gave some tips for those who are suffering from the virus. 

Brown,  who is in excellent health, first felt sick back around March 26.

The 50-year-old is urging people to pay attention to symptoms and take action. Brown said she was having difficulty catching her breath from just walking short distances indoors. Every breath caused her pain. She was prescribed an inhaler, but it didn’t work.

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She did "pursed-lip breathing exercises," which were also painful. However, she said they made a big difference. She tried every natural remedy anyone would suggest from peppermint to clear lungs to oregano on her feet, because it's supposed to boost immunity.

She shared that sleeping 18 hours a day has been the norm. Even now, though she is much better, she is still a bit weak.

When she first heard the diagnosis from her doctor, she was terrified, and first thought of her mom, who already lost a daughter in such a traumatic way. "How am I going to tell my mom about this?"

However, she decided to used her training as a life coach and turned to MIND OVER MATTER, which helped her get grounded and just did the next thing the doctor suggested. 

She also said meditation, journaling and just accepting that it’s time to slow down have all worked to keep her in good mental health through her illness.

Since the tragic death of her sister, Brown has become a nationally recognized author, speaker and life coach who uses the lessons from her experience with Nicole and her own suicide attempt to help others cope with life’s challenges. 

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