Tarrant County activist group asks supporters to "hunt down" Republicans who vote against unlicensed open carry bill

The Open Carry Tarrant County group created a Facebook page listing the names and numbers of Texas senators who do not plan to vote in favor of an unlicensed open carry bill.

The page is a response to Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick's statement that there are not enough votes to pass an open carry bill in the Senate.

This is not the first time Open Carry Tarrant County's tactics have come under fire, but other open carry activist groups said they hope it's the last.

Open carry groups in Texas all stand behind a similar message when it comes to handgun laws.

"First and foremost, it's a Constitutional right, but more importantly open carry is a deterrent to crime," said CJ Grisham, founder of Open Carry Texas.

However, the tactics of one open carry group have put them in the spotlight.

"Open Carry Tarrant County should stop messing with the open carry movement. They've already destroyed it," said Grisham.

Earlier this month, a video showed OCTC's leader Kory Watkins confronting State Rep. Poncho Nevarez, D-Eagle Pass, about his stance on the open carry bill.

"They're literally putting their foot in the door of a state Rep.'s office preventing him from closing the door after he told them to leave," said Jerry Patterson, a former State Senator who authored the 1995 concealed carry bill.

Nevarez said it didn't stop there. He said the group has continually threatened him since the altercation.

"I'm concerned about my family. I'm concerned about what it does to dialogue," said Nevarez.

"They are walking a very fine line from having a felony offense of threatening a public official. I frankly think that the things that they have done are chargeable now, whether they would be indicted or convicted is a different story. They're walking a very fine line. As a matter of fact, I would suggest to you that they've crossed it," said Patterson.

"I didn't do anything wrong. [Nevarez] should be charged with treason for going against the Constitution and the people," said Watkins.

The new Facebook page created by Watkins has some legislators uncomfortable. The page asks supporters to "hunt down" senators who said they won't vote for open carry. Watkins said it's a call to action, not a threat.

"We're going to hunt them down and find out who is not supporting this and we'll make sure that when election comes around next time they won't have a job," said Watkins.

"The passion you exhibit becomes harassing to me when you step over that line and these boys and girls, they stepped over that," said Nevarez.

Wednesday morning several representatives wore "I'm Poncho" stickers to show their support for Nevarez.

Texas is one of six states where open carry of handguns is not permitted.