Taylor holds off on reopening certain public facilities as county sees spike in COVID-19 cases

While many cities are beginning to reopen their facilities, the city of Taylor is choosing to hold off.

Their leaders say they do not like the spike in COVID-19 cases the area is seeing. “We’ve seen upticks just like the county has seen upticks and just like the state has and it is concerning,” said Mayor Brandt Rydell.

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Rydell said the spike in COVID-19 cases is concerning because they have a large retirement population. “About 2/3rds of our city is in what’s called a health equity zone and that represents populations that are at higher health risks and burdens then the average person,” he said.

It’s not just public facilities impacted. After talking with county health leaders, the city has changed the way they celebrate upcoming holidays.


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“They expressed alarm with the widespread transmission throughout the county and they were very candid in there assessments so we decided as a city team that it was prudent to keep our facilities closed for now and to not allow the mass gathering at Murphy Park for the 4th of July,” said Rydell.

Instead of people meeting up at Murphy Park to view the fireworks, he said people should be able to view it around town. “I know how special events like the Fourth of July are that’s a cherished tradition... We encourage people watching the fireworks from a parking lot to please continue to follow those social distancing recommendations,” he said.


In order for the city to consider reopening these facilities, they want to see a 14-day decrease in COVID-19 cases.

“We’re trending the wrong direction right now. We would like to see that trend reversed, we would like to see a decline in numbers before we start opening things from a city perspective,” said Rydell.


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