Taylor City Council votes in favor of new special events policy amid holiday parade controversy

Controversy continued during a Taylor City Council meeting Thursday night.

Taylor residents filled the council meeting room as Ordinance 2023-14 was on the agenda.

The ordinance comes after the City of Taylor held two separate Christmas parades in 2022, one put on by the city, and another by the Taylor Area Ministerial Alliance (TAMA). TAMA has hosted the city's Christmas parade for years.  

The City of Taylor found itself in the middle of a controversy when LGBTQ+ supporters were excluded from last year's annual parade. So the city allowed two parades to include all groups.

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The City of Taylor attempted, in the past, to pass Ordinance 2023-14, which would include regulations for parades and other special events, amending Section 24-3, which exempt certain signs for city adopted special events.

"The sick irony that tonight's event ordinance is an attempt to justify the now illegal inclusion of sexually oriented drag performances in a public and family friendly Christmas parade is now lost in this room full of your consequence," said a Taylor resident.

The Taylor Pride group believes the city is recognizing the growth in the population.

At the last meeting, there were some Taylor residents that sided with the council.

"I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for seeing these people who have been shunned by so many people that will stand up here at this podium tonight and do it again. You saw them, you protected them, and you recognized them, and I'm thankful," previously said a Taylor resident.