Tech start-up "Early Aware" aims to save lives during emergency calls

Travis County Constable Precinct One has partnered with a tech start-up to help first responders better respond to calls involving people who are mentally ill or have trouble communicating.

The pilot program, “Early Aware," has users place a sticker on the window of their car or home that alerts first responders when a person has a communication barrier or cognitive issue. It's coupled with an online database.

"Early Aware" is a free, opt-in program where people can self-identify and provide their information.

"We're interested in seeing if communities that experience a communication barrier, are willing to provide this information, number one…and proactively do it, instead of law enforcement learning about a mental or a physical barrier after or during an engagement,” co-founder Meme Styles said.

Styles says believes this program has the ability to save lives. To learn more, visit the program's website