Tesla launches Cybertruck at event at Austin headquarters

Tesla's delivery of its Cybertrucks on Thursday, Nov. 30 was an invite-only event, but that didn’t stop onlookers from trying to catch a glimpse of the new vehicle.

"I think that's one there," said Daniel Rodriguez, a Tesla owner trying to spot a Cybertruck. "Wow, it's not the same as watching it on a video, but when you see it, you know that it's real. It's live. It's there. It's in your face."

Rodriguez drove in from Florida just to see Tesla's Cybertruck.

"It will change the industry," said Rodriguez. "It will change the world. It will do a whole lot of good out there for a lot of people."

He's not the only one standing outside Tesla headquarters eagerly. Joey Roy made a pit-stop on his road trip from Canada.

"This is exciting stuff," said Roy. "I mean this is cool news."

Tesla held a private event at its Austin headquarters to start the engines of the first Cybertrucks.

"We're handing over production Cybertrucks to their actual owners," said Elon Musk. "Thank you for buying Cybertruck."

During the event, Musk boasted the vehicle has an 11,000 pound towing capacity and showed off the bullet-proof exterior with a video of someone shooting at it.

"Some people say well, ‘why did you make it bulletproof?,’ and I'm like, ‘why not?’" said Musk.

Tesla first announced the Cybertruck prototype in 2019.

"At that point, I thought 'oh my god,' I thought it was ugly, and it kinda grew on me," said Roy. "I mean these are the cool kids, and they get to tell everybody else what's cool."

In a 2019 unveiling, he tried to crack the armor glass windows with a steel ball.

The windows broke.

This time around, Tesla took another shot with a baseball, leaving the glass intact.

"It's a brand-new thing, you know, and most people, they're skeptical about change and doing other things, but it's not, it's not a bad change," said Rodriguez. "It's a good change."


A few delays and years later, Austin roads will be the first place these futuristic-looking vehicles explore.

"It's absolutely worth it," said Rodriguez. "I'm not a big truck guy. I never bought a tractor trailer or anything like that or any kind of truck, but I would definitely buy this, just to have it."

It’s going to cost a pretty penny to order a Cybertruck. Prices start at $60,000 and go up to $100,000.