Texas AG files several lawsuits against school districts defying governor's executive order

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton holds a joint press conference Feb. 18, 2015 with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, l, to address a Texas federal court's decision on the lawsuit filed by 26 states challenging President Obama's executive action on immigration

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced on Friday six lawsuits were filed against several school districts regarding Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s executive order, GA-38. 

According to a press release, the school districts include Richardson, Round Rock, Galveston, Elgin, Spring, and Sherman Independent School District. 

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"Not only are superintendents across Texas openly violating state law, but they are using district resources—that ought to be used for teacher merit raises or other educational benefits—to defend their unlawful political maneuvering," Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a release. "If districts choose to spend their money on legal fees, they must do so knowing that my office is ready and willing to litigate these cases. I have full confidence that the courts will side with the law – not acts of political defiance."  

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Gov. Abbott's executive order GA-38 prohibits local governments and school districts in Texas from requiring the wearing of masks. It was signed in mid-May when coronavirus cases were on the decline.

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Paxton’s office released a list of government entities that aren’t in compliance with the governor’s executive order, click here to view.