Texas' Alpha Pi Omega needs help getting UT Austin parade flag back

The University of Texas at Austin's 50-foot-wide parade state flag has been stolen. 

Texas' Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity says they need help getting it back.

"I just don't understand why someone would do such a thing," said co-flag coordinator Raul Deleon.

Texas Alpha Phi Omega is responsible for the University of Texas’ state flags which are used at different functions throughout the year.

"Every semester, every flag coordinator would take possession of the parade flag and essentially it's kept in a locked car [for convenience]," said Deleon.

However, the parade flag was stolen right out of co-flag coordinator Deleon’s vehicle. He had it stored inside a green duffle. "I come to my truck, and I see that the latch is unlocked. I was like, ‘wait, this big green duffel bag is not in my truck bed’ and immediately I was like what will I do?" said Deleon.

The flag has been missing for around a week. "It's just sad to see things like this happen and the fact that it still has not been found or was not left somewhere just shows that like someone doesn't have respect for this flag and what it means to the state to the university," said co-flag coordinator Trent Nevelle.

The stolen flag is the 30 by 50 feet flag and should not to be confused with the 100-foot field flag. However, Deleon says it is just as important. The flag has been with the university for decades.

"Please give it back. It's just really important to us as an organization, especially through the history that we've had with the flag in this program within like the UT football games, basketball, games, soccer, etc.," he said.

APO asks if anyone knows anything to contact the police. They are not looking to press charges at all, just get the flag back.

"We're not looking to press charges and it's a no questions asked policy. Our priority right now is just to get it returned," said Nevelle.

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