Texas Senate passes bills restricting some drag performances around children

Two bills aimed at preventing events involving drag performers are moving forward at the Texas Capitol. 

On Wednesday, April 5, the Texas Senate passed SB 12 and SB 1601.

SB 12 puts limitations on which drag shows a child can attend, and it would fine businesses that host sexually-oriented drag shows in front of children.

SB 1601 prohibits public libraries from receiving state funding if the library hosts an event with drag performers. Libraries in Central Texas have become a common battleground for "drag queen story time" protesters.

Supporters of the bills say the legislation will protect children, but opponents say this is just another attack from Republican lawmakers on the LGBTQ community.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick released a statement on the passing of SB 1601.

"The radical Left’s attempt to sexualize and indoctrinate Texas children is never-ending. It is infuriating and unfathomable that public money has been used to fund drag queen story hour in Texas libraries. The Senate’s passage of SB 1601 is of utmost importance to put a stop to the sexualization of our children."