Texas couple thankful to be alive after living through Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas

"For the first time in all my years, I thought, I might die. We might not get out of this," said Linda Becker. Becker and Russ Meinert had a dreamy few days on a friend's boat in the Bahamas, snorkeling and exploring the islands.

As Dorian intensified to a Category 5 hurricane and headed right at them, they booked rooms at Abaco Beach Resort and hunkered down.

"And then it started with a vengeance," Meinert added.

They recorded video of the room where guests sheltered for days, while lying on beach chairs, eating bologna sandwiches, trying to manage their fear and welcoming in locals during a moment of calm as the eye of the storm passed.

"We frankly lost track of days and time," Meinert said.

"We lost power. The ceiling tiles started, I guess from the weight of the water, started falling down on us, and there were waterfalls coming in and people were screaming in the dark and the heat. No air conditioning," Becker said.

They talk about the noise. Coconuts sounded like missiles as they flew off trees and gusts of wind sucked doors off their hinges.

When it finally ended, they were in awe of the destruction done to the beautiful place where they had enjoyed sunsets days earlier.

They knew they needed to try to leave.

They flagged down this man driving a truck to see if, by chance, he would take them to the airport.

They call his response, "Providence."

"The guy said, 'Yeah, I remember you. I met your wife at the airport in Fort Lauderdale.' It was the same guy," Becker said. "He was our angel. I mean, he didn't have to do that."

Since they've been back home in Plano, the couple can't stop thinking of the people in the Bahamas, though they're not sure yet how they can help.

"We lived with those people for a week in dire circumstances. You get feelings for those people," Becker said.