Texas DPS truck crash in Brenham: Suspect receives multiple charges for 'act of violence'

42-year-old Clenard Parker is facing charges of evading arrest causing serious bodily injury, unauthorized use of a vehicle, and several aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges after being arrested on Friday. 

"This area is safe, we've got the suspect in custody," Texas Department of Public Safety Sgt. Justin Ruiz said.

Law enforcement officials say Parker was driving a stolen 18-wheeler, while being pursued by Washington County Sheriff's Office and other agencies.

During the chase, he rammed the big rig into the Texas Department of Transportation office in Brenham, just a day after visiting the DPS office.

"While he was there, the driver's license staff advised Parker that he was not eligible to renew his commercial driver license," said Sgt. Justin Ruiz.


According to DPS, one person died and 13 were injured. The Texas Department of Transportation Office has been shut down and is now at the center of an investigation by Texas Rangers. 

"We are reminded that those that serve us in public, it's a dangerous job. Someone that goes to work today to issue driver’s license, can literally trigger someone to create an act of violence," State Sen. Lois Kolkhorst (R - Brenham) said.

In a post to X, Gov. Greg Abbott acknowledged the crash.

He thanked first responders for their swift response and stated Texas would bring the heinous criminal to justice. 

Parker's bond totals close to $2 million as he waits to face a judge.