Fayette County Sheriff's Office: Suspected undocumented immigrants flee from vehicle after stop

Authorities say they are looking for several people who fled from a vehicle after a stop in Fayette County.

The Fayette County Sheriff's Office says that on March 21 at 11;25 p.m. one of its sergeants attempted to stop a 2017 silver Ford F-250 on Interstate 10 westbound near Flatonia. The vehicle was silver in color but officials say the vehicle's registration said that the vehicle was white.

Officials say the vehicle initially pulled over but as the sergeant approached the vehicle, it sped off and evaded the sergeant. 

A lengthy pursuit began, and it ended in Gonzales County when the vehicle was intentionally crashed into a wooded area.

Officials say it was determined that the vehicle was displaying a fake license plate. A check of the vehicle's VIN number showed the vehicle was stolen out of Brazoria County. 

The Fayette County Sheriff's Office says that the people who fled from the vehicle are suspected undocumented immigrants. They fled into the woods near the intersection of FM 2814 and FM 420 in Gonzales County. The people who fled are not believed to be armed.

Officials ask that if you see a suspicious person in the area, you should contact the Gonzales County Sheriff’s Office at 830-672-6524.