Film fanatics headed to Luck ranch for Texas Film Hall of Fame

Many film fanatics made their way to Willie Nelson’s ranch Luck, Texas, just outside of Austin, for the 21st annual Texas film awards.

"Honestly just being a part of the entire creative community and getting to network and see what's going on, who's the next happening thing is really what I'm here to do," says Terry P. Mitchell, Austin Woman Magazine.

It was an unforgettable night for those being inducted in the Texas Film Hall of Fame.

"We’re living in a world where representation is so important and our industry is so refreshed by the ability to find underrepresented voices or new voices or talent and giving the next generation a shot," says Michael De Luca, Texas film hall of fame honoree.

John and Janet Pierson were named the first couple to be inducted together.

"We’ve been coming here since it started, we’re huge fans of AFS and Texas film awards, we moved here because we love the film culture that is here, and we are so happy to be a part of it and contribute to it, and it feels like a great honor," said honorees, John and Janet Pierson.

Jonathan Majors says this is an exciting weekend for him. "Creed 3" is out in theaters, and he is now back home in Texas.

"Everything we worked so hard to do. I say we as a state, we as an individual artist, me as a man in my family this is it Texas hall of fame in some ways is probably the greatest honor," says Jonathan Majors, Texas film hall of fame honoree.

The First lady of Texas film, Elizabeth Avellan, even made an appearance on the red carpet.

"Back in the day Willie and Annie were such great part of our lives now with AFS the Austin film society doing their event here it solidifies my community and what we all do," says Elizabeth Avellan Texas film hall of fame honoree.

The Austin film society’s annual fundraising gala is a place where Texas film and television influencers show up to support the impactful artistic and educational programs of AFS.

"We do workshops, we do training for creative careers, and we build community because that’s one of the amazing things about Austin and Texas is how collaborative and supportive the community is," says Rebecca Campbell AFS CEO.