Texas governor signs law restricting access to abortion meds

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a new bill into law further restricting abortion access in the state.

"Mail-order abortion drugs are now prohibited in the State of Texas," Abbott said. "We, as Texans, stepped up and passed multiple laws this session to do more in Texas, and more than any other state has ever done, to protect innocent unborn life."

Senate Bill 4 prevents doctors from giving abortion-inducing medication to women who are more than seven weeks pregnant. It also bans mail-order abortion drugs.

"The Biden administration temporarily lifted restrictions on abortion-inducing drugs, allowing them to be delivered by mail during the pandemic. There’s an effort to make that permanent. We will not allow that in the Lone Star State," the governor said.

"This past legislative session has kind of been the trifecta, or the Super Bowl, for the pro-life movement with so many big bills, and this one is the icing on the cake because we’re shutting the back door to mail-order abortion," said state Rep. Stephanie Klick (R- North Richland Hills).  

Prior to this law, abortion medication was available to women until 10 weeks of pregnancy. That policy followed FDA guidelines.

Progress Texas released a statement calling the new law "…yet another attempt to push abortion care out of reach." They go on to write, "…This law bans medication abortion after seven weeks and would punish doctors with state jail felonies for following FDA guidance and doing what’s best for their patients…"

This law comes on the heels of another controversial policy that took effect September 1 in Texas. The Heartbeat Bill allows anyone, who is not a government official, to file a civil suit against those who perform, or assist in, an abortion once a heartbeat can be detected.

The governor also signed a bill this year that would outlaw abortion completely if the Supreme Court ever allows states an opportunity to do so. "The moment that Roe vs Wade is overturned that will become law in the State of Texas," Abbott said.

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