Texas Hospital Association wants hospitals left out of vaccine order

Texas hospitals are caught in the political crossfire that is COVID-19 vaccine mandates. 

"Hospitals in Texas are still very actively on the front lines trying to protect patients and heal patients from COVID-19. we believe hospitals should have the ability to mandate vaccinations of their employees," said Texas Hospital Association vice president of advocacy Carrie Kroll.

The Texas Hospital Association wants hospitals left out of Gov. Greg Abbott‘s recent order preventing any entity from having a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

"We have been very clear that hospitals are different businesses. We are in the business of providing patient care day in and day out we’ve been on the front lines of COVID-19 for many months. The politics happening at the state and federal government…we would just like to stay out of that and stay focused on providing care to our patients," said Kroll.

Kroll told FOX 7 Austin that hospital employees regularly deal with those infected with COVID-19, which is why they feel individual hospitals should have the decision to implement a vaccine mandate. 

"At the end of the day we just wanna be able to maintain our businesses keep them open and continue to provide that life-saving care that we do for Texans day in and day out," she said.

Kroll said if employees are vaccinated at a hospital, it can also help those who come to them for reasons other then COVID-19.

"It gives the ability for us to provide a protective barrier in knowing that we have a safe space because our employees are vaccinated helps ensure anyone that comes into the hospital is being less exposed to the disease," she said.

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