Texas Land Commissioner sues Biden Administration over border wall

Wednesday, Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush announced a lawsuit against the Biden Administration as a part of the Texas Defense Task Force. 

Filed in the Southern Texas District Federal Court, McAllen Division, the lawsuit sues President Biden and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas on grounds of illegally preventing the border wall from being constructed.

During a press conference attended by Texas Border Patrol Agents and local farmers, Commissioner Bush made the following remarks: 

"Today, on behalf of the people of Texas, I am suing President Biden on grounds that he is illegally preventing the border wall from being constructed. The issue here is simple—no man is above the law. And that includes President Biden. For four years, Congress allocated more than $5 billion to construct fencing and walls around the Southern border." 

Commissioner Bush continued saying: "Each year, that legislation was signed into law by President Donald Trump. Now, four years after the first funding was signed into law, President Biden has announced that he will simply no longer follow the law and illegally halted all construction to build the wall. This is wrong. This is illegal. And this will not hold up in court."

Under the direction of Commissioner Bush, the General Land Office formed the Texas Defense Task Force earlier this year to identify and fight back against what they say is federal overreach following the Biden Administration’s early and frequent use of executive actions that threatened the Texas economy and way of life. 

The GLO owns over 500,000 acres of land near the U.S.-Mexico border with an estimated 31 linear miles along the Rio Grande.

The press conference today was held on a GLO-owned 3,099-acre farm which produces revenue for the Permanent School Fund—an important source of money to educate school children. GLO says the farm is one of many along the Texas border that was intended to be used for a permanent border wall, however, progress was halted under President Biden. 

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