Texas Rangers investigating controversial arrest of teen in Lampasas caught on camera

The Texas Rangers are investigating the controversial arrest of a teen in Lampasas that was caught on camera.

The Lampasas County Sherriff's Office released dash cam video of the incident that happened back in May.

“What are you pulling me over for? Because you were called in as a reckless driver and we are going to check to see if you're drunk buddy so get out, no sir you cannot pull me out of my car, I am not drunk, I did nothing wrong,” audio from the driver is captured on the video of the driver sheriff’s said is 18-year-old Quinton Cruce.

Cruce appeared on the video continuing to refuse to get out of the car. The officer told Cruce he was under arrest for interference and would break the window if he didn’t get out on his own.

Two other passengers and Cruce end up getting out of the car and that’s when the situation escalated again.

According to an arrest affidavit the deputy identified as Logan Jones said Cruce was pulling away from him, hit him with his elbow, was fighting and resisting arrest.

The arrest affidavit goes on to say Deputy Jones struck Cruce while trying to get him to comply.

Cruce is facing several charges including resisting arrest, assault of a public servant and driving while intoxicated. The passenger 18-year-old Gage Blackwell was captured on cell phone video getting into a scuffle with officers. He was arrested for assault of a public servant, resisting arrest, interfering with public duties and minor consumption of alcohol.

The 17-year-old girl seen in the video was not arrested.

Dennis Farris is a retired Austin Police Department Senior Officer spending nearly 30-years in law enforcement, “There are several points in time in that video where both the officer and the driver of the car could have deescalated the situation where it didn't have to get to where it was.”

He said in this day in age everything is recorded so arguing with an officer in the street is not the place to do it.

“If you don't think the officer did something correctly, there are steps you can take to remedy that situation, you file a complaint,” he said. Farris said anytime you get pulled over at night if it’s not raining, a driver should roll all the windows down, turn on the dome light, keep your hands on the steering wheel and follow all instructions.

“That's showing the officer some respect at that point and it showing the officer you know he's there, and that you don't want anything to happen to him or you.”

Deputy Jones is currently on paid administrative leave pending the investigation.