Texas remains the leader in maternal deaths

According to the Centers for Disease and Control, the lone star state has the highest maternal mortality rate in the nation and developed world.

Dr. Sina Haeri, director of perinatal research at St. David's Women's Center of Texas, said doctors are trying to investigate the cause.

"Rightfully so there's been a lot of focus and attention on maternal mortality and again trying to identify the risk factors, things we can identify to help the community and help these mom's not die," Dr.Haeri said. "Our thought process is that there are several factors that are leading to this. One is that moms are getting older as they're having babies, a lot more professional women. Inherently when you are older you have more complications with it. Obesity is truly tying our hands, obesity comes with diabetes, high blood pressure all forms of morbidity within in itself and the very last one is access to care you do have a very large state."

The most common risk factors are hemorrhage and hypertension.

Dr. Haeri said the sooner it’s diagnosed and treated the higher the likelihood it can be prevented.

Dr. Haeri said he anticipates increased access to healthcare with the development of tele-medicine will help reach women living in rural parts of the state.