Texas Senate debates open carry gun bill

It was a showdown on the Texas Senate floor Friday as lawmakers were set to vote on a bill allowing licensed open carry of handguns.

Sen. Craig Estes said early on he was not interested in accepting any amendments to the bill. Any amendments would kick the bill back to the House instead of sending it straight to the governor's desk..

Several democrats offered amendments but it was the one offered by Sen. Don Huffines, R-Dallas, that sparked debate. Huffines' amendment would keep police from demanding people carrying guns show their permits. Supporters, including some Senate democrats, say it prevents harassment and racial profiling.

Sen. John Whitmire believes the amendment ties officer's hands and they need to be able to determine who legally is carrying and who is breaking the law.

Huffines said on the Senate floor that CLEAT supports his amendment. Not long after that statement the association representing thousands of peace officers took to Twitter saying the association doesn't support it. Within minutes the tweet was brought up on the floor during the debate.

The House is scheduled to vote on campus carry according to Senator Brian Birdwell. Governor Greg Abbott has said he would sign open carry into law if the bill hits his desk