Texas slowly starts reopening with some stores offering "retail-to-go"

The state of Texas has slowly started to reopen with some retail stores now offering "retail-to-go."

Gov. Greg Abbott talked about the process and when he expects things to return to normal. He has been working towards reopening the state without spreading COVID-19.

"We will not be expanding operations in anyway that should expose people to greater dangers," Abbott said. 

One way is looking at businesses that are currently open and taking their lead, like grocery stores. "Grocery stores have been able to operate in a limited fashion in a way that has not led to the spread of the coronavirus," Abbott said. "We will be looking at similar standards abroad or array and knowing that if we could do with grocery stores, we can do it with other types of stores."


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Abbott says the highest test date for COVID-19 in Texas was April 9th and says this is a good sign to start re-opening up businesses. However, he admits there may be a spike as places begin to open.

"When you begin to re-open, there can be spikes or increases in those who test positive for COVID-19," Abbott said. "This is nothing to be worried about in part because we will be doing far more testing in the future."

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The governor says the executive order he is expected to issue this upcoming Monday will have the health of Texans in mind.

"Our goal is to make sure that there are not any dramatic spikes that lead to increased hospitalizations or increase deaths," Abbott said. "If things like this do occur that are more serious then there will be a requirement of a retrenchment of to the degree of businesses were open so we can once again corral the coronavirus in that particular community."



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