Texas teen says Donald Trump is the reason he was attacked at bus stop

A Central Texas Teenager, who isn't even old enough to vote, says Donald Trump is the reason he was attacked at a bus stop.

One of the suspects is in custody the other's still on the loose.

Dalton Waldridge is nursing a busted lip.

According to Waldridge, “About 8:20 the car pulled over there and they started yelling at me and a buddy.”

The 16-year-old and a friend were waiting for the bus on Tuesday morning at the corner of Steeds Crossing and Jumper's Delight.

Waldridge says, “We walked over to go see who it was I thought it was one of my friends messing with me.”

That's when he says two Hispanic men got out of their car and started yelling.

According to Waldridge, “He got in my face and said Donald-Trump-voting-ass and started calling me all kind of other, he didn't say cracker but he said honky-looking ass and stuff like that.”

The teen says then one of them started hitting him.

Waldridge adds, “There was an off duty officer there that didn't break up the fight but he got out in time for them to scatter of.”

According to Waldridge, a Good Samaritan followed the car they were driving to a house about fifty yards from where the fight broke out, and just blocks away from where Waldridge lives.

“It's kind of creepy to know there's people like that live here now” says Waldridge.

Pflugerville police arrested 24-year-old Ezequiel Beiza.  The second person hasn't been identified and is still on the loose

Ben Howard’s Step-father fears for his sons’ safety, “What's to say that if i am in bed at 11 - this man decides to get 4 more of his buddies and decide to knock on my door and finish his job.”

Waldridge's parents Ben and Heather Howard are outraged and afraid for there's son's life.

“Just because he wears camouflage and boots doesn't mean he's voting for Donald Trump and that he needs to get beat up at his school bus stop” says Daltons mother.

Dalton’s step-father Ben Howard goes on to say, “Racism doesn't have to be whites against others - racism can be any color against any color” and that his step-son is “…on lock down status - until the cops can apprehend this individual and we can figure out how safe we are in our own neighborhood.”