Texas toddler who died after routine dental procedure suffered anesthesia complications

Autopsy results released Thursday revealed that a 14-month-old Texas girl’s death in March after a routine dental procedure was due to complications during anesthesia. The Travis County  Medical Examiner’s Office told People.com that Daisy Lynn Torres’ exact cause of death has been classified as undetermined, as it was non-natural, but not classified as an accident, a homicide or a suicide.

Betty Squier, of Austin, took her daughter Daisy to Austin Children’s Dentistry for a dental crown procedure, but halfway through, a complication occurred and the office called an ambulance to take Daisy Lynn to the hospital. About two hours later, Daisy was pronounced dead.

"We have been waiting for the medical examiner's report in hopes that it would bring some closure for the family," Austin Children’s Dentistry said in a statement, according to People. "We understand it has been classified as ‘undetermined’ due to anesthesia complications administered by a Board Certified Medical Anesthesiologist and not because of a dental procedure. We know there are always risks associated with anesthesia, however, the loss of a child is particularly tragic."

Dr. Robert Delarosa, president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, told the news website that he advises dentists to avoid anesthesia whenever possible, but some instances call for the treatment.

"The main reason it's used is because small children are prone to squirming in their chairs,” Delarosa told People. “If a dentist is holding a sharp object, a moving child can bump their hand, causing further damage."

Squier cautioned other parents to do their research on dentists and anesthesiologists, “and to get as many second opinions as you possibly can,” she told People.

"I talked with the anesthesiologist before he put her under," she told the news site. "He was telling me how beautiful my baby was and how the procedure would be very quick and that I would be able to see her soon."

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